How much will it cost me to get started with Advantage One Brokers?
Absolutely nothing! Our support, contracting, and training is absolutely Free.
Do your leads cost money?
We have a wide variety of industry leading marketing strategies, and lead generation programs. In this industry you will either spend sweat equity(time), or money, on marketing for your business. We tailor make our programs for our producers, depending on what they are willing to spend: time or money.
How fast do I get paid?
Daily. With our systems, and core carriers, the moment a client is approved with one of our core carriers, you will be paid the following business day.
What kind of training does Advantage One Brokers provide?
We work with independent agents across the country. We understand that agents find their way to us at different stages in their careers. Placing you in a system, based on where you are in your journey, is something we value. Whether you need a ride along, mentorship, scripts, online training, or for us to get out of your way and let you run your business without being micro managed, we have a system for you.
How long does it take me to get contracted with you?
Contracting normally takes 3-5 business days, as long as you provide all of the proper documentation.
Are agents also provided with IUL, Annuity, and Retirement Planning training, as well?
Absolutely! We help our agents grow to be experts in all areas of the industry.
Can I grow an agency through Advantage One Brokers?
We pride ourselves on agent AND agency growth / development. We will provide a blue print for your success, and we will help train, manage, and recruit for your down lines, or, provide the necessary support you need for your business model.
How many carriers does Advantage One Brokers represent?
We have contracts with the top 53 carriers in the industry, for health, life, accidental, as well as industry leading financial products.