Advantage One Brokers, Inc.

Everything you need to know about us ...

Why choose Us.

We approach business differently than most brokers. While most insurance brokerage firms are "transactional," we are "relational." We take the time to get to know you, and learn more about your situation. You don't hear from "transactional agents" after the sale. "Relational agents," however, are there to guide you, for years, through each of life's important, events to help keep you protected.

Our Mission.

To relationally value, and understand, each of our client's unique situations ... AND, to work hard to find the right solution which addresses the risk, as if the situation was our own.

What we Do.

We don't try to fit a square peg in a round hole. One size does NOT fit all! We represent over 50 of the largest insurance carriers. That means we have access to the products and programs that will fit your unique situation. Let one of our experienced agents help you find the right peg.

Mortgage Protection.

Many of us work incredibly hard to be afforded a place to call home. Ensuring that if you don't come home tomorrow, your home is paid off for your family is critical to any homeowner. Let us show you how that can be achieved and in a way that fits your budget.

Final Expense.

Protecting your family from the burden of worrying about money in a time they just lost someone close to them. Life insurance is designed to ensure your loved ones are provided for in the event of tragedy. This type of protection can go a long way to making sure your family's financial needs and future livelihood are not sacrificed when they need it the most.

Retirement Planning .

Making sure you know exactly where you will be in your golden years. Having confidence in what you will be retiring with and passing on to your future generations. Putting certainty in retirement. Growing money faster safer and with the highest return of interest and the lowest risk. With an abundance of industry-leading financial growth options, you will take advantage of the upside of the market without having to worry about the down.

Percentage of Agents Qualified in these Areas:

Whole Life | Term | IULs | Annuities

Our Agents are specialists in the most important areas of the insurance business.

This means that whatever your area of need, we have professional, qualified, licensed Agents that can, both, analyze your situation AND connect you with the protection/plan that fits your specific needs and situation.

  • Whole Life Insurance Plans
  • Term Insurance
  • IULs (The best kept secret!)
  • Annuities

Carriers We Represent

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